Stop Comparing Yourself: You Are Beautiful

Hey everyone! Happy Holidays!Or not, whatever you want. But I wanted to send a firm reminder to all of my readers: You are beautiful. You are smart. You are unique. Own your differences and weaknesses! Overtime, you will find strength in who you are. Love you guys! Moe ❤

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Acne That Hides Behind Your Bangs

The bangs of the Queen from Barbie Swan Lake always makes me laugh… who thought those bangs were a good idea?? I don’t have bangs. With my kinky, curly, hair it would be too difficult to manage. Though I did used to have the early 2000s bangs haircut that swoops to one side and covers […]

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The Only Reason of Acne After Threading

If you’ve ever threaded your eyebrows or your face, you probably know how amazing the after result is. Your skin is smooth, clear, and… red? Oh no… now it’s bumpy. With a final, disdainful observation, you notice whiteheads and large, inflamed pimples popping up on your skin overnight. Your skin is angry. Skip ahead to […]

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What (or who) is Sacrificed for Our Skincare…

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time volunteering. One of the places I volunteered at regularly was The Animal Rescue League. Hands down, I became an all time animal lover. Every single animal there was so lovable, all with their own reasons of being in the shelter. A lot of them were given up by […]

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