It’s Time To Protect The Animals As Well Our Skin

Let me tell you… it’s been months of my being away from this blog. I missed a lot about writing on here. For one thing, I really missed preaching about sunscreen to readers who would probably be more receptive than the random kids in my classes at school haha. I also missed putting up memes […]

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Is It Possible To Rid Of Volcano Sized Pores?

In this age of photoshop, facetune, and filters, it’s easy to forget that nobody truly has “perfect” skin. The beauty standard of smooth, pore-free skin has been ingrained in society for decades through advertisements, movies, and more. Even Hollywood used to use the old “Vaseline on the camera lens” hack to make their female actresses […]

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The Tea On Eye Creams And Skincare For Your Eye Area

I may need glasses to see, but Honey, I can see those dark under-eyes from a mile away. Just kidding, I’m actually practically blind without my glasses. This blog post will be about proper skincare for the eyes! Now, I don’t mean your eyes-eyes. I mean the skin around them which is pretty important. As […]

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Skincare Tea On Tattoos: Yay Or Nay?

Have you ever considered getting a tattoo? Maybe you like the look or you like the idea of having something meaningful on you at all times. I know a lot of senior students at my school who have gotten a tattoo and they seem to have no regrets; in fact, they love them! But are […]

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