The Only Reason of Acne After Threading

If you’ve ever threaded your eyebrows or your face, you probably know how amazing the after result is. Your skin is smooth, clear, and… red? Oh no… now it’s bumpy. With a final, disdainful observation, you notice whiteheads and large, inflamed pimples popping up on your skin overnight. Your skin is angry.

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This is my own acne after getting threading done earlier this month! No amount of skincare helped and I ended up going to a dermatologist afterwards- more about that later in this post.

The Single Cause of Acne After Threading

We all have a problem with vulnerability. We don’t open up about our deepest secrets to strangers or to people we know can hurt us.

The same is with our skin. Our skin protects us from being vulnerable to harmful pathogens like bacteria (the harmful strangers). When we get threading done, our hair on our face is ripped out of the hair follicle, leaving that pore open and vulnerable to dead skin and bacteria.

It could also be that the hair that was pulled out already had harmful bacteria inside its hair follicle. The bacteria remained well hidden inside that pore until you tore out the hair, which caused that bacteria to resurface and spread. In this situation, you were eventually going to get acne anyway.

Basically, our skin becomes too biologically and physically vulnerable when we remove our hair. So… how can we protect our skin?

Under the skin, inflamed acne after threading

How to Avoid Acne After Threading

The way to help your skin from bacteria is to clean your face well before and after you get threading!

But if you’re like me, and tried everything in your skincare routine to fix the acne already, you might want to consider seeing your healthcare provider or dermatologist.

I eventually ended up going to the dermatologist. She prescribed me Minocycline, which I ended up not taking for a few reasons. She also prescribed me some topical acne creams. I also ended up improving my skincare routine a lot after the visit. Just to mention, I was prescribed Tretinoin (.025%) and Clindamycin Phosphate (1%). Both are topical lotions.

The changes I made were:

  1. Clean my face (wash or face mask) before getting threading done
  2. Clean my face after getting threading done and put the appropriate acne cream
  3. Ice my face and moisturize really well at night
  4. Put Vaseline on my face before going to bed (weird, I know, but I’ll make another post about this soon)
This is my skin right now! I had my face threaded yesterday with no new breakouts, though I do have a ton of scars from previous acne, which I’ll work on fading with the help of my acne creams and sunscreen :))
That’s it for this blog post! Bye guys!

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-Moe ❤

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